Subscription Colorush + The Third Eye

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Subscription Colorush + The Third Eye

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Current issue: CORU2016 + TTE2016
Issue frequency: 4 issues per year
Months of publication: 06/12

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The Third Eye
This trend book provides a comprehensive survey of sports and streetwear trends two years ahead of the season introducing 3 inspiring themes with all in all 300 garment styles as well as 300 print proposals,
3 colour stories, plenty of fabric suggestions and ideas for trims and labels.
All illustrations, graphics and sketches of the book are easy accessable on the included DVD in the most common digital vector and bitmap formats. The flats and prints are grouped in a way that allows different elements to be separated and reworked.
The files are compatible to be edited, recolored, or combined with other elements using the following programs: Adobe Illustrator®, CorelDraw®, Macromedia Freehand® or Adobe Photoshop®.
Hardcover/Ringbook with removable pages, 138 pages, Text: English


ColoRush is a colour forecast for sports- and activewear.
The interaction of sales- boosting trend themes, colours, colour combinations and stimulating imagery create an inspiring panorama of innovative product worlds.
The colours are presented on synthetic fabrics to ensure their realistic representation on range-typical materials.
In addition all colours are provided as removable swatches - sorted according to the themes, for the creation of own colour harmonies.
ColoRush is published twice per year in January and July.
Subscribers receive the pre-information on themes and colours already 6 weeks prior date of publication.
Available 18 months ahead of the season for the fair Bread & Butter
User-friendly ring book for flexible use
6 themes featuring 8 basic colours each, codified according to the PANTONE® FASHION + HOME colour system
Introduction into the seasonal themes
Inspirational photos and illustrations
Graphic motifs, all-over prints, logos and buttons
Cross colour mix using the colours of all trend themes
General colour card with 40 trend colours
Colour harmonies in realistic atmospheres
Removable colour swatches (approx. 3 x 7 cm), sorted according to the themes
Colour mix table for the translation of the Pantone ® colours into RGB and CMYK values
USB stick with digital colour data for quick import into Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator® und Adobe InDesign®
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