PANTONE Fashion & Home Cotton Planner

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PANTONE Fashion & Home Cotton Planner

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315 New Pantone® Colors just added! View 2,625 market-driven Pantone® Fashion, Home + Interiors System Colors in one compact desktop reference.
The Pantone Cotton Planner is a handy workplace tool for designers and in-house colorists to visualize and specify Pantone Colors for textile, fashion, and interior design applications.
• Pantone's most popular desktop reference for Pantone® Fashion, Home + Interiors Colors
• Features larger swatches than the Cotton Passport
• Removable pages allow designer to see entire color families at once
• Perfect for teams and departmental use
• Use for color inspiration and specification
• Single-volume ring binder desktop reference
• Includes 35 individual 12/20 cm x 12/20 cm cotton chips per page affixed to non-optically brightened paper
• Compact footprint ideal for use in a small office setting
• White space surrounding each color allows for accurate visual evaluation
• Features 2,625 Pantone® Fashion, Home + Interiors Colors, including the latest 315 market-driven, trend-relevant Pantone® colors
• All Pantone Colors on cotton formulated for achievability and fastness
• Improved chromatic layout organizes all 2,625 Pantone® Fashion, Home + Interiors Colors by color family
• Colors arranged in chromatic format, with an index providing numeric location for each color
• Each color refers to a corresponding Pantone Swatch Card, the standard for color accuracy
• Use for textiles, apparel, soft home, and interiors products
• Use for color inspiration, specification, and spot-checking color at the lab or office
• A handy workplace reference tool for team and departmental use

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