PANTONE Fashion Home + Interiors Color Specifier TPG


PANTONE Fashion Home + Interiors Color Specifier TPG

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315 New Pantone® Colors just added! The Fashion, Home + Interiors Color Specifier is a desktop reference with removable chips for palette development.
The Color Specifier features removable paper chips of all 2,625 Pantone® Fashion, Home + Interiors Colors. Ideal for designers to communicate color with clients and suppliers, both on the go and in the office.
• Access all 2,625 Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors System Colors as a lacquer coating on paper for hard home goods (Textile Paper - Green, or TPG format)
• Pantone's TPG Colors correspond to our Textile Cotton System (TCX) so you can coordinate colors for textiles, paints, and coated surfaces like leather or metal
• Pantone® Color Specifier features replaceable, perforated paper chips and two Paper Chip Savers for storing loose chips
• Pantone® Color Specifier displays seven Pantone® Colors per page, with six tear-away 12/20 cm x 12/20 cm chips per color
• Pantone® Color Specifier binders are ring-bound to accommodate Replacement Chip Pages when colors run out (sold separately)
• The TPG (Textile Paper - Green) suffix indicates a lead- and chromium-free formulation of our TPX lacquer coatings, for a safer, environmentally friendly product
• Lead- and chromium-free lacquer formulation
• Features 2,625 Pantone® Fashion, Home + Interiors Colors, including the latest 315 market-driven, trend-relevant Pantone® colors
• All Pantone® Fashion, Home + Interiors TPG Colors for hard surfaces match back to our Pantone® Fashion, Home + Interiors Textile Cotton System Colors for textiles and soft goods
• Improved chromatic layout organizes all 2,625 Pantone® Fashion, Home + Interiors Colors by color family
• Pantone® Fashion, Home + Interiors Specifier Chips display colors with their corresponding number
• Removable chip format has three-sided color bleed, most ideal when evaluating color
• Use for hard home, ceramics, textiles, apparel, paint, cosmetics, fashion accessories, and leather goods
• Use for color inspiration and sharing colors, building palettes and mood boards, and specification, evaluation, and production at the office, lab, or on the go
• Visualize color on both hard and soft surfaces, enabling a versatile design process

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